my babies

my babies

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I try not to make resolutions.  Do you?  Because when I do....I. Never. Ever. Keep. Them.  Never.  I always vow to lose weight.  Amazingly I never vow to gain weight but each year I seem to accomplish that.  Wonders never cease!  So this year I am setting some goals.  Goals are different than resolutions.  More attainable.  There!  Now that sounds promising!!

Goal Number One:

lose weight

Goal Number Two:

give my Megan a nice wedding

Goal Number Three:

make sounder choices in every area of my life

Goal Number Four:

read my Bible through

Goal Number Five:

keep an organized hand on the paperwork in my house (this one is really funny!)

Goal Number Six:

keep my house clean most of the time (another hoot!!....ohmystars!  I kill me!!)

Goal Number Seven:

lose weight

Notice how these are all doable things for the average human???  Well, I am not average my friend....I am either under average or over average.  So that tells me I will either meet these goals or....I won't.  And people said I wasn't the brightest crayon in the box.  Fooled them!!  I also want to do more fun things with my family.  More meaningful things.  I will make that Goal Number Eight.   At Christmas we had a great time.  Each year I try to give my only sister something she will truly treasure.  As we get older I realize that we should really do things for each other that truly mean something to the other.  One day it may just be she and I living together in some home and I want all the other residents to know how much we really do like and care about each other.  So for Christmas this year I gave her some really special gifts.  Ones you just don't buy in Walmart or Target....

The first gift she opened was a lovely tabletop Christmas tree.  Complete with ornaments all over it.  Photos of me.

She loved it!!  I got these gorgeous photos from school for free....FREE people!!  How cool is that for a truly treasured family gift??

I also got two 3 1/2 x 5's that I proceeded to mount with modpodge and glue on heavy cardboard and made her (with my own two hands) some puzzles to help her while away the hours.  They were only 10 piece puzzles so they were not super hard to put together!  See the joy on her face!

I also gave her a beautifully framed 5 x 7 to place on her desk and I gave her the devotional "Jesus Calling" by Sara Young with a lovely bookmark guessed it.. My Picture On It!!  Then I attached several fridge magnets to a nice scarf so she can see my face when she drinks milk out of the carton in the middle of the night.  If I get any better at this meaningful gift-giving Hallmark will be calling and offering me a job!  Last year I gave her "bluejean jeggings"  For a side note she has not worn those least not around me.  She probably wears those for really special occasions.  I am already at work on her birthday present and her Christmas gifts for 2013.  See....I am meeting goal already!!!

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Bearer Of Three said...

Great goals, Goals are made to have a direction, not always meant to be fulfilled.