my babies

my babies

Monday, January 28, 2013

Eight Months Old Already???

This past weekend Savannah turned eight months old.  She and her sister have had a very busy couple of weeks.  They moved into a new house.  Yay!  They got their new rooms painted so it would match their bedding.  This also made the move easier by keeping their same colors in their rooms.  Now both of them have colds and felt a little yucky this weekend but Mr. Frog was having none of was picture time!

Mr. Frog I just don't feel myself today.  All stuffy and cranky.  

I bet if I chew on your leg I will feel much better.  I heard frog legs taste just like chicken!

Where did you go Mr. Frog??  I just wanted a little nibble!!  Come back, I won't bite hard...I only have two teeth!!

Aw!  You are so sweet!  Hugs from you are the best.  Your ears are tickling mine!  I promise to never chew on your legs again, Mr. Frog.

Wait!!  Come back!  I promise I won't even put your froggie legs in my mouth!  Please come back!!

Jump up here Mr. Frog!  I will save you.  Savannah hasn't figured out how to climb up here...yet!

I more nibbling.  You are my bestest to mommy...and daddy...and Piper...and Mimi.

Savannah you are the sweetest thing ever.  You are trying so hard to crawl but you only go backwards and around.  Haven't figured out forwards yet!  You have two teeth and you love, love, LOVE to eat.  You love your sister and still just adore your mommy.  You look for her all the time and just light up with the biggest grin when you see her.  You are such a sweetie to snuggle with and I love that you love to be held.  I know that will pass way too soon.  I love you my little snuggle bug!!

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