my babies

my babies

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winding Up!

Whenever Erica feeds Savannah she twirls her little hands and feet the entire time she eats.  It is so funny!!  Erica says she was born knowing sign language and that is the sign for , "More!"  She is an eater that Savannah.  Whenever she runs out of food she pitches the biggest fir you have ever seen.  Erica now plugs her mouth with a paci very quick so Savannah doesn't flail herself to pieces.  This little one is a very dramatic baby.  I predict a severe high maintenance virus attacking this household in the future!!!

Does she not look like she has been wound up and is now winding down???  All she needs is a string in her back to pull.

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Tracy said...

Don't you wish we could wiggle our hands and food would appear....I Love It!!!