my babies

my babies

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Baby Savannah

Last night I got a chance to keep my newest grandbaby, Savannah.  She is starting to be such a sweetie pie. She has had a season of....errr..."crankiness???"  Let's just say her middle name should be Drama instead of Lilly.  But she is finally coming around!!!  Yay!!!!  She was so sweet and precious.  She is really starting to babble and talk.  She is starting to just have the biggest and funniest grin all the time.  She lights right up whenever people she knows come into a room.  She especially grins big when she sees her daddy!  She loves, and I mean loves, to eat.  She waves her little hands out to the side the whole time as if she is saying, "Hurry up and feed me faster!!"  She and I had a wonderful time of singing and playing and talking.  she loves her bath and likes to be rocked and held.  Having her by myself was extra sweet because I don't often get to be with just her.  So sweet!

Here we are sitting in our bumbo seat wanting some supper!

She sits up really good now and I wanted to put her in front of their tree.  Such big, blue eyes!!

There is just something about baby feet that I just love.  So sweet to kiss on!!!

And sweet babies in the tub.  They are so fun to just watch splash and play in the water.

See Mimi...I can dry myself off.  Just help me with my lotion and my pajamas....ok?

This morning our Tiny Tots Choir sand their Christmas songs.  I did not get any really good photos of Piper but she was in the front and the sweet baby rang her bell but didn't sing a note!!  She saw her mommy and just wanted her.  She really does sing all the time and knew all her Christmas songs.

"Uncle" Thad (to be) had Savannah duty this morning.  Savannah loves her some Uncle Thad!  I am so glad he loves him some Savannah and Piper time!!

He is so warm and cozy I think I will just nap right here!

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