my babies

my babies

Monday, December 24, 2012

Some of my favorite clips!

I really like Christmas movies and Christmas children (?) specials they put on t.v. this time of year.  It gives me something to look forward to watch annually and I can see the t.v. from my kitchen and I like to watch it while I cook.  Do not ask me how many recipes I have royally messed up because I am adhd and do not pay attention to what I just added or didn't add to whatever I am making!!

A Christmas Story

This is handsdown one of my favorite movies ever!  The narration is what does it for me.  He speaks exactly like children think.  And Randy???  What a pest.  Watch Ralphies' face as his mom dresses Randy in this ridiculous coat.

A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I look forward to this every single year.  If it ever does not come on because of some stupid idea that this show offends someone I will just cry my eyes right out!!  Linus is perfect .  He even lays down his beloved blanket to explain with his hands the "real" story of Christmas.

The Year Without A Santa Claus aka Snow Miser and Heat Miser Show!!

I adore this show!!  It is my favorite and I love the awful brothers Heat Miser and Snow Miser.  the Christmas spirit even touches their hard hearts!!!

The original...Little Drummer Boy

This little boy had lost everything he had and knew in the world.  When his little sheep, Baba, is hit by a horse and cart his world truly shatters.  Turning to man (the kings) to help him.  He sees....truly sees...that man cannot help him but the newborn King....Jesus can.  If only we would apply this to our own loves today.  This makes me cry every single time I watch it.

Now for real life.....Everybody Loves Raymond
As funny as this is it rings so very true of many own included!!  Each Thanksgiving/Christmas I plan on fixing my turkey just like Debra!!!

I hope each of you have a wonder Christmas Eve!!!

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