my babies

my babies

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Seven Months Old!!

Well believe it or not, my little Savannah is seven months old!!!  Where has the time gone??  With all the Christmas gatherings going on and all the different family get-togethers to attend this is the first time I have had a chance to post her seven months pictures.

Mimi, I was taking a nap!!  Why did you wake me up?  I don't even have my socks on!

Okay, okay...I am ready.  Mr. Frog, are you ready??  What??  You forgot your pants!!!

Oh Mr. crack me up!!  Frogs don't wear pants!  What a funny frog you are!!

Come here you silly-willy!!  Let me give you a big ole head rub!  You just keep me laughing all day long!

Okay Mimi....I am so outta here.  As soon as I figure out how to get outta here....I'm gone.

Savannah, you are just a sweetie-pie.  You finally have a tooth.  One on the bottom.  There is another one trying to peek through but it still hasn't poked all the way through yet.  You sit up really well and you roll all over the place.  You are trying to figure out the crawling thing.  You reach for whoever you want to pick you up...mostly for your mama though!!  You can pitch one more fit...let me say.  You can arch yourself backwards at lightning speed and scream your head clean off!!  You love eating.  I mean love it!!!  So far you love everything but avocados.  When your mommy and daddy put frozen bananas in your little mesh feeder you gnaw and slurp until nothing is left.  It is too funny to watch how you just cry when all the food is gone!  I love you little cuddle-bug!

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