my babies

my babies

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I have discovered (along with millions) the pure pleasure of "Duck Dynasty".  I absolutely, handsdown love this show!!!  All my co-workers so too.  It is the highlight conversation of our day.  I really think these are just amazing guys.  They love their families.  their children and grandchildren.  They live life to the utmost limit.  And they do it all without filthy talk, ugly actions and keep their clothes on.  Ah-may-zing!!  In this day and age most of what is on television is just trash.  I had really only watched the food network until I discovered the joys of this show.  I have inserted a few clips from this show below but the first one is what I truly love about this family.  They are born again Christians and do not hide it or try to pretty it up.  They love the Lord and truly serve Him.  Listen as Willie talks about his faith at Harding University just this past November.  It will really touch you.

To say that they have run-ins with wildlife is a huge understatement.

Phil is one of my favorites.  To me, he is a wonderful father and husband.  As long as Miss Kay (his wife) is happy he is just fine.  A true husband and father for sure!!!

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Tracy said...

I told Wesley the other night, Audrey would leave you in a minute for a Robertson man (one not married) HA!!!!