my babies

my babies

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Cookies

Tuesday night Megan and I went over  to Erica's house to bake cookies with the girls.  Baking with a toddler is SO fun!!

Piper did great mixing the dough!

Savannah's little hands just about wiggled off trying to get to that big red bowl!!

Piper mastered the rolling pin right away.  Please ignore our looks...obviously we were not interested in looking good for the camera.

Poor Savannah did not get a turn at rolling the dough!  What a fit she pitched!!!

Starting to cut them out

She caught on so fast!

Meg and Piper checking to see if they are ready.

Putting on the frosting and sprinkling on some Christmas sugar.  She was being so careful.

You can never have enough sugar...can you??

There, we are all done.

Piper was so fun and so sweet!  I love doing these little fun things with her.  I hope and pray that she will remember all the little things that she and her Mimi did.  Savannah too!  Being a grandmother is really the best thing ever!!

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