my babies

my babies

Saturday, December 15, 2012


to be broken......means

"fractured, smashed, or splintered " 

"imperfect or incomplete; fragmentary"

that describes our hearts to day as we watch in pure anguish the news of a horrific crime against the most innocent of lives....children

describes our broken and twisted by sin

there are no words to say that are sorrowful enough for these families...none.  i am just so deeply sorry for these parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters that are left in this broken world.  i held my grandbabies extra hard today.  kissed them one more time.  whispered in their tiny ears how much i loved them.  last night was the very first time that piper got to spend the night with me.  i put her in my bed to sleep with me and in the night she held my hand.  so tiny and frail were her little two year old fingers.  when i think of anyone ever harming her...scaring her...even hurting her feelings...i go into tiger-mode.  i get very upset to this day if anyone even hurts my own grown daughters feelings.  this vicious crime against these babies in connecticut is just unspeakable.  i have heard so many things and details on the murderer of these babies.  honestly, i don't care.  i do not want him to receive any kind of recognition at all.  i have already heard today that the words autism, aspergers syndrome, mental illness, all thrown around.  what i have not heard is evil and demonic.  there is no doubt in my mind that this monster was possessed by the devil himself.  yes, that does sound harsh but the fact remains that satan is alive and roaring around this world like a hungry lion.  wanting to kill and destroy.  those sweet babies were all ushered into the immediate presence of doubt.  praise GOD for that.  this was done out a purely evil will.  I am praying so hard for the survivors of this and knowing that God will comfort his children left on this earth.

Psalm 46:1   God is our refuge and strength, always  ready to help in times of trouble.

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