my babies

my babies

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Learning to smile

I take a lot of photographs.  A lot.  I take photos of landscapes, animals, people, especially my children (reluctant) and grandchildren ( sometimes more reluctant)!  So lately Piper has been very difficult to get a good shot of.  She will not look, she runs away, she just will not cooperate at all when I pull my camera out. This results in fewer and fewer pictures and that makes for a very sad Mimi.  So the other night Megan and I stopped by Erica's house and I brought my camera with me....just hoping!  I started asking Piper to smile and she just kind of looked at me.  I smiled at her and said, "Smile and I will show you your picture."  I took a photo of her Winnie the Pooh and she saw it and "Bam".  She started smiling.  Yay!!!

Smiling on Aunt Megs' lap

Smiling with baby Sally.

Here is what you get when you tell a toddler to just smile natural and not "cheese" it up.

Silly faces...I think we are on to something with this whole, "I will show you your picture thing."

I told Piper to show me her teeth just a little when she smiles....sometimes you get what you ask for.

Now that Piper knows she can see on my lcd screen her picture right away I bet I get a whole lot more photos of her.  Poor Savannah missed all the fun because she went to bed.  Don't worry I will catch her next time!

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