my babies

my babies

Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Months Old!!!

Hey Mimi!!  Guess what??  I am now officially 5 months old.  I can bounce really good in this bouncy thing! It is super fun!

Here I am in this chair again with you, Mr. Frog.  I still don't get why Mimi puts us together about once a month.  She does some strange stuff Mr. Frog.

Don't worry Savannah.  I will help you with Mimi and all these pictures she takes.  Just do what she says and she will quit soon.

Wow, being a big sister is thirsty work.  I think I will take a swig of my apple juice.  What's apple juice Piper???  Can I have some???

Please. please, please let me have just a taste.  I am so thirsty and mommy never lets me have a drink of nothing.  I'm practically starving around this joint!!

Sorry, little sister....but you will just have to wait a while longer before mommy lets you have any apple juice.

Dang it!!  I was so close!

Savannah you are such a sweetie.  You weigh around 18 lbs. and are about 26 inches long.  You are a chunk to carry around!!  You make our arms go to sleep for sure!  You love, love, LOVE your mommy.  And you love your routine too.  You are starting to really "talk" up a storm and you follow your sister everywhere with your big blue eyes.  It won't be long before you are sitting up by yourself and crawling around the house.  I just love squeezing you  and kissing all those cheeks and chins!!

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