my babies

my babies

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wonderful Day

Yesterday was just an absolutely a gorgeous and wonderful day.  Church was great.  The afternoon was just perfect.  The weather was so pretty we stayed outside most of the afternoon and the evening.  Piper and Savannah both love to be outside.  Piper did not nap.  Instead she lay in her bed for 90 minutes singing "The B-I-B-L-E" until Megan just went and got her up!!  I cooked supper for Megan's birthday even though her birthday was last Sunday.  Her fiance' (I love that word!!) was on call last weekend so we put it off a week. Now that my girls are grown I ask them over for dinner and I cook whatever they want for supper.  Megan chose fried tenderloin, biscuits, green beans, hashbrown casserole and salad.  My mom made her a "Pig-Pickin Cake.  That is her favorite.  It was a great meal with lots of laughs and fun.  Piper even sang for us!  She knows all the words to "Jesus Loves Me" and she is so precious when she sings it.  The line that says, "Little Ones To Him Belong..."  Piper sings, "Little Ones Leave Him Alone..."  It is just precious!  She is learning so fast and she just loves church.  I am just so glad.  Savannah has stayed in the nursery 2 weeks in a row so she is doing great too!!  Here are some photos from yesterday afternoon.

Hey Mommy, Can I get down and play with Piper?

This is Piper "pretending" to nap!  Ha-ha!!

I could just kiss those sweet cheeks all over.  Piper was showing her a blade of grass.

My sweet, little toddler...not a baby anymore..waaaah!!!

Oh but Mimi, I am a baby.  A great, big, chunky one too!!!!

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