my babies

my babies

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I just got home form a local church that held a Beth Moore Living Proof simulcast from Reading, Pennsylvania and all I can say is, "Wow,  What a Mighty God."  This event brought so much confirmation into my life it is just amazing.  A couple of months ago I got up and started to have some devotional time.  As usual my mind was elsewhere, anywhere and nowhere all at the same time.  I do not have the first clue as to why I am suddenly a.d.d. in my late forties???  So I just sat still and prayed for the Lord to calm me and make me be still.  Not just physically still but mindfully, spiritually, completely inside an out.  Then I asked the Lord to please show me something of clarity through His word.  And you know what????  He did.  I don't know why I was surprised because anything we ask in His will we get.  And to have clarity from the word is His will.  The Women's Ministry Team at my own church is planning a one day retreat for our own women to bring personal revival and to spark mentoring.  We really have prayed over this for months and so desire for it to bring our women closer and to glorify the Lord.  But we needed a theme.  I love themes.  No, I adore them!!  I like houses and rooms and parties and everything to have a theme.  So when I opened my devotional...there it was!!!!

Proverbs 27:17  NKJV
"As iron sharpens iron so a (wo)man sharpens the countenance of his friend."

What do believers need??  To sharpen one another.  What do women need?  A friend, a mentor, someone to come along side and sharpen us.  We need to learn to be and do and act more like Christ.  To do that we need to rub elbows with other believers at times.  We are not all called to speak in front of people or to teach a class but we are all called to talk.  I, for one, am fulfilling that calling greatly!!  Jesus to go and tell.  To TELL.  That involves talking, my friend.  I just wept over this whole devotional.  I spoke of Elijah throwing his cloak over Elisha as an act of mentoring.  Of Paul and Timothy and many other examples.  It was just what I asked for all written down.  When we met as a team everyone loved it and we took off with plans and ideas and dishing out different responsibilities.  We were on fire.  But the last couple of days I have allowed the enemy to plant some doubt seeds in my head.  Get that???  I have allowed.  Then today at the simulcast God poured out His can of Holy Round-Up all over those seeds.  The pastor who prayed over the event before it started said in his prayer that today he hoped we would listen and learn that iron sharpens iron.  I looked straight up to God and just said, "  Thank, YOU."  Confirmation number one.  Then when Beth Moore started speaking she spoke out of II Kings chapter 4.  She gave a little background on who and what was going on and she brought up that Elisha was a newly anointed prophet by Elijah.  How Elijah threw his cloak over Elisha and told him he was now the prophet of God to follow after him.  It was just what I needed to confirm that we are doing what God desires for our women.  And that He will bless it!!   Another point she brought up was getting rid of fears in our lives.  Several of the team members have expressed fears about our event.  I can't wait to meet with them Wednesday night and tell them all about how God has confirmed this event over and over for me and just how He can get rid of fears because they are purely satan-driven and never, ever God-driven.  Praise the LORD.

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