my babies

my babies

Monday, August 27, 2012

HUGE Weekend!!

This weekend was super-de-duper!!  To say the least.  I took 10,000 photos so be forewarned!  First we celebrated my daddy's and Thad's birthdays.  Daddy was 71 and Thad was 24.  We had a cookout and ate like pigs but that is just our normal!

Here daddy is holding his newest girl.  Sweet baby Savannah.

A great shot of all of daddy;s girls.  I am so glad he likes girls because that seems to be all we ever get!!!

Daddy and his two favorites....Piper and Savannah!

Now on to bigger news.  At our birthday party, Thad had spoke to me that morning about proposing to Megan.  He asked all the right questions and more importantly he answered all the right questions.  I really love this boy and he will do right by my girl.  He asked me to take some photos of this event because he was so nervous he knew he would not remember a thing!!  Megan was SO surprised!!!

At this point I was crying!!!

Of course she said YES!!!

I love this look on her face.  She is asking all of us if we knew!!  Only me and my mama did!!

My sweet daddy was so happy for his girl!

Brittany and Savannah were thrilled!  Aaron looks pretty happy back there too!

The sweet couple.  Let the wedding plans begin!

Now on to other news....My little Savannah is now 3 months old!!  How did this happen???
Both she and Mr. Frog look kinda sad.

But on the other hand this silly-willy is as happy as ever

Come on Savannah ...get silly with me??!! thanks Piper.  I am in an Eeyore kind of mood.

Mr. Frog, does Mimi do this all the time???

Yes, Savannah she does.  Get used to it!

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Diane Decker said...

Love this whole post and the pictures that went with it! You crack me up! Love you Cindy