my babies

my babies

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday Day!

Yesterday we celebrated my sweet grandbaby's 2nd birthday.  Her actual birthday is August 4th but we had her party yesterday.  It was a great party complete with a bounce-house courtesy of Blake and Erica's sweet neighbors who happen to have one that was given to them!!  Super-Sweet!  Piper and all the toddlers there loved it.

They bounced their little heads off and were worn out and ready for cake and ice cream.

Since ice cream is Aunt Megs favorite she fixed Piper a big bowl.  Erica made Piper her own special strawberry cake.  Piper really loves all berries but she really loves strawberries.  It was really good too!!

We also had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes that were baked in princess cups that were so cute.

Piper got a ton of gifts.  Some really fun toys and some really nice clothes and shoes.  She loves clothes and really loves shoes.  When she gets a new outfit she always says, "That is so pwetty!"  She really is the most precious little girl.

This was a special gift from her daddy.  She was so excited to open it.

It was a T-ball set.  Her friend Cohen is showing her the proper way to stand.  Sorry for the blurry shot!

We finished the party with a swim.  It was a wonderful day for our little birthday girl.

Savannah spent the day being passed around and lounging in a stroller.  What a life!!!

I honestly don't know where the last two years have went.  Piper is getting so big.  Megan and I were just talking last night how we want her to stay little.  Time just goes by too fast and I am so grateful to spend all the time I can with Piper and Savannah.  I just love those little souls to pieces

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