my babies

my babies

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two Months and a SCORE!

It is unbelievable to me that Savannah is already two months old.  Time is going by triple fast.  I can't stand it!!!  This month I took Savannah's picture with Mr. Frog and Piper was a little concerned.  Just a few weeks ago while we were at the garden pond in my parents yard a frog hopped across Piper's back and it caused quite a little...scream to come out.  Honestly, I was hilarious.  Savannah you are already up to 12 lbs and 9 oz and are 22 inches long.  You smile all the time and you have even chuckled out a little.  You are a mommy's baby for sure.  You are the happiest when you are in her arms and if someone else has you your sweet eyes just follow her.  Such a doll.

Okay, Mr. Frog.  I am going to let you sit with my baby sister but don't scare her.

Well, Savannah might not scream when a frog hops on her but the one who hopped on me was big and hairy and had teeth and growled!!!

What is to be scared of Piper?  He is kinda cute.  I think he even likes me!

When I sit up big and tall I am just a tiny bit bigger.  Next month I will be way bigger Mr. Frog!!

In other notes, at church Piper has always loved riding in the Cozy Coupe in the nursery.  Blake and Erica were going to get her one for her birthday this year.  In the city where they live twice yearly they do "bulk" trash pick ups.  This is a huge event and people all over the city drive trucks hauling trailers to gather some really great stuff that people just throw out.  I was walking Piper with Megan through Erica's neighborhood Tuesday night when lo-and-behold I spotted a Cozy Coupe on the curb.  I ran over to it and inspected it and except for the corner of the door being chewed up a little by their was great.  Major SCORE!!

Piper had to inspect the interior of her new ride.  See the door??  Not too bad.

Checking out the seat and cup holders.  I think this looks great and definitely not trash worthy.

Piper stayed in her car almost the whole afternoon.  So worth me hauling it up the street for her!

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