my babies

my babies

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Afternoons

After church on Sundays I love to have my family over for lunch.  I love to cook so this is a real pleasure for me.  Since Blake is in law enforcement he works every other Sunday so he doesn't always get to join us for lunch.  I really hate that too.  He is so much fun to have around!  During the summer months we spend lazy Sunday afternoons at the pool or getting in a sweet nap!  Today I let the "kids" swim while I stayed inside and watched the babies.  Piper took a very long nap and Savannah ans I hung out and had us a little "Mimi" time.  I love to snuggle me a baby!!  She is a snuggler too.  She loves to be held.  While I had her alone today I prayed over that little soul.  I don't feel like I ever pray enough for my own girls and their guys and I feel like I should pray double for my little granddaughters.  And for my grandchildren to come!! 

I took a family photo today after church of Blake, Erica, Piper and Savannah.  Blake's grandparents in Alexandria, VA sent the girls theses adorable matching dresses that they wore to church today.  I adore green so these were extra cute to me!  

Savannah was sound asleep but did have her "Praise The Lord" hands up in the air.  Piper, on the other hand, was sleepy and hungry.  She would not put her bear snuggly down nor her paci.

Still napping!  I love those chubby little cheeks!

Is she not just precious???  Who in this world could not just eat this little thing up?  I just love her to pieces.

Piper was thrilled with her freezy pop.  Very serious eater, this one!

  For another quick photo.  I took this on Erica's front porch in her once pretty hanging basket.  A mommy dove has made this her nest with two little eggs she is sitting on.  Piper loves to watch her.  Hopefully they make it!!

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