my babies

my babies

Friday, July 13, 2012


Piper is really getting into conversations lately.  For someone who is only 23 months old she has an amazing vocabulary.  Erica is very quiet by nature and I have always secretly wished she would get children who talked her ears off.  I think I just got a wish!!!  Savannah is a huge grunter and is starting to coo and "talk" to you a little bit.  She smiles often and is just the sweetest baby.  So cuddly.  Piper is a busy, busy bee.  Flitting from spot to spot and talking the whole time.  Here are a few of the things she says:

When you go to assist her with something she looks at you as says, "No, I twy it"

When you want her to come here or do something she might not fancy she will look at you calmly and say, "No, I not"

If it is naptime, bathtime, bedtime, mealtime she will usually say, "But I pwayin"

When her bath is over she lays in the tub and says one of two things, "I fwoating" or "I seeping"

Everytime she sees Savannah she gets this big ole grin and says (really loud),  "Hey baby"

Her voice is so country and twangy.  I just love it!  She says a lot of cute things and she is very easy to understand.  She does make her L sounds like W sounds but that is so cute I think.  Everyday she gets more and more animated in her actions and her words.  She is starting to talk for her babies and her toys and she likes to grab your hand and say, "Come on Mimi, wets go pway"  Of course I will drop whatever I am doing and go pway right away.  One day she won't ask me to any more and I will pway by myself.  So for right now I go where she leads.  This makes me wonder if this is how I treat God.  Telling Him , No, I will try it" or when He wants me to do something I say, "No, I not."  Or always put Him off with other things like floating, or sleeping or playing or doing my own thing.  Piper is almost two so I expect her to behave this way.  But I am way over two and I should know better.  I need to stop giving God Cindyisms and do as He says.  This is a lesson I am learning slowly but surely.  Funny, it only took a little child to show me.....

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