my babies

my babies

Monday, July 30, 2012

I do the dopiest things sometimes and other news...

This week is VBS at church and I was the only crew leader to not pick up her t-shirt so today I stood out like a big pink thumb in a sea of SKY blue!  Sky is out theme...all about flying and such.  the scripture theme is "Nothing is impossible with God".  That my friends, is so true.  To name a few...

This week my dear friend Kelley and her husband, Billy, returned from their vacation in Ohio where they served as a ministry team for their daughters church.  Kelley's kids both serve the Lord in Ohio and this was a special treat to see all their kids and grandkids.  Except poor Billy got pancreatitis and ended up having his gall bladder removed.  Staying a week in the hospital which put their trip to two weeks and really rocked their say the least.  So they finally got home this weekend and I thought I would do the "Christian" thing and take them a meal.  I made a lowfat chicken pie and took some fresh tomatoes and I picked some corn.  Their daughter and her family came to their house too in a swing-by stop going back home to Ohio after a few days at the beach.  I was so glad to finally meet Molly's husband Dan.  I had already met her kids several times and I just love them.  Well, when I dropped the food off I looked like a complete train wreck.  I had jumped out of my pool, threw on a t-shirt and headed over there...wet head and all.  Real attractive.  I told Dan that I was not usually that ugly but I did come bearing food.  When I got done I went to my parent's house where my sister, mom, dad and I sat outside talking.  My mother asked me if I had picked any of the white corn yet.  I said I had just picked several ears and I asked her for the 1000th time why she didn't like white corn.  This started a long conversation between her, my sister and me about white versus yellow corn and how my sister and I love both.....blah, blah, blah.  My mom is adamant about only yellow corn is good to eat.  My dad was very quiet.  Then he looked up and said, "I didn't plant any white corn Kate.  I planted a row of Indian corn at the bottom of the garden."  Then he looked at me and asked me where I had picked "white" corn.  I looked at my mom and said, "She told me to."  Because I am once again 7 years old and listen to my mother!  I cannot believe that I gave Kelley's family Indian corn to eat!!!  So the next day I went over there and told them not to eat it.  Too late!!  Kelley laughed and laughed.  She said , "I cooked that corn forever!"  Dan, said he tried to eat it but just couldn't.  I was so embarrassed.  I now call him Choctaw Dan.

In other news...I have two huge praises.  I have been praying for a very longtime for my girls and some situations.  Megan for another job that is more related to her field of study.  And for Erica to be able to stay at home with her babies.

PRAISE the LORD...they have both been answered.  Megan got a job today at her own high school as an honors biology teacher.  She is ecstatic to say the least.  And Erica turned in her resignation today and is now a stay at home mommy.  I must give proper props to my fabulous son-in-law for supporting Erica in this decision.  He truly is a wonderful husband, daddy and a Godly young man.  I am so proud of him and this family decision they have made.  God is just good and He will provide.  I am still praying very hard that Blake and Erica's house sells quickly and that my sister does find another job that is closer and has benefits.  But I know in His time God will answer those too.

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