my babies

my babies

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer so far

So far this summer has been wonderful.  We have had family get-togethers with lots of food and fun.  Weddings galore.  I have three to go to this month!!  And just lazy days by the pool.  Piper has become quite the water dog and I will be posting pictures of her swimming in the "big pool" very soon.  She is such a hoot!  She is one funny baby.  Savannah is growing way too fast already.  She is such a good baby too.  Great sleeper and eater.  Never fussy.  Such a little beauty.  Erica is soaking up each day home with her new baby and her sweet toddler.  Blake returned to work this week after taking three weeks off to help Erica out.  He really is the best husband and daddy I could ever ask for to Erica.  Megan and Thad are just the cutest couple ever.  They were both in a wedding this past weekend and were just such a handsome couple themselves.  I can't wait to plan their wedding!!!!  Soon I hope!!!  They aren't engaged but they do talk about it and plan a future all the time.  I was looking at them this past Sunday in church and they are just so well suited for each other.  Here are a few photos from the past week.  Hope your summer is starting off great!

Grammy and Piper.  These two are crazy about each other!  My girls were so fortunate to have a wonderful grandmother in my mom and now my own grandchildren have a wonderful great-grandmother in her.

Aunt Brittany and little Savannah.  One day she and her husband Aaron will be super parents.

Thad and Megan at the wedding this weekend.  Aren't they a darling couple if I say so myself?

This is what Savannah did at the wedding.  The whole time she slept.  Such a sweetie.

Piper danced herself silly.  Like her blue nails?  She loves her toes and nails done.  She said to her mommy and daddy, "I party all night."

 Piper dancing with the beautiful bride, Anna and her mom, Cathy.  This sweet bride is a life long best friend of Megan.  They were raised together and I love her like my own.  Her mom is one of my dearest friends too.  It really was a beautiful wedding.  I am praying for this young couple and many others to stay true to each other and to God because this world is hard on marriages.

Blake and Erica.  I pray daily for them too that they trust God to supply all their needs and they keep Him center to their lives.  I think they are a good-looking pair too!!

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