my babies

my babies

Monday, June 25, 2012

One Month Already???

I cannot believe that Savannah is already one month old.  It blows my mind!!  Where is the time going???  I went over to Erica's house today to take Savannah's photo with Mr. Frog to chart her growth like I did when Piper was a little baby.  So on the 25th of each month I will sit her beside Mr. Frog and take her picture.  Piper slept through her first photo session but Miss Savannah was wide awake today for her photo shoot!  Of course, Piper had to get in a couple of shots!

Okay Mimi, we are ready for our pictures!  I will tell Savannah what to do....don't worry!

Okay Savannah, Mimi is going to put Mr. Frog beside you so she can show everyone how big you are getting.  Don't cry...he's not scary.

Okay, Piper.  I'm ready...bring him on!

This is him??  Mr. Frog!  You are so soft and sweet.  I was scared for nothing!!

I think I will rest my head on your shoulder.  I am not so great at holding it up just yet but I sure am trying!!

Whew!  Being a baby supermodel is hard work.  Mimi is a photo slave-driver isn't she??

Maybe I can rest a second.  I think she might be done so I will just be looking around.

What are these things??  They look good enough to chew on.  If I could only figure out how to get them into my mouth!!

Babies just grow up too doggone fast!  I just love these two little girls so much!

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