my babies

my babies

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Five Gone

I had just about quit exercising and I have about ten thousand excuses as to why.  But the truth is....I got lazy.  So, this summer one of the things I am doing is starting an exercise regimen again.  I am walking everyday.  I am down five pounds since school let out so that is encouraging.  I am trying to build up where I can walk really fast each day.  I don't like to say run because I would only do that if there was a grizzly bear behind me.  I choose to walk on the two rural roads that run along my house.  So if you drive by and see me I look like the one at the bottom of the photo except blonde.  My goal is to look like the one at the top of the photo except blonde and with short hair.  Wish me luck!


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Tracy said...

I use to run and thought I was running like a gazelle...instead my family said I ran like a turtle