my babies

my babies

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Strawberry Time

This weekend we went strawberry picking at a local farm.  I love going to these farms and picking my own berries.  My girls always loved it when they were little and Piper loved it too.  Of course Piper ate way more than she picked but that is all part of the fun!

I think I like strawberries, Mama!

That one was really good.

I think she shoved a whole one in her mouth.

This one she was giving a big kiss before she ate it.

She looks like she is just singing away to all the berry plants.

I love photos of babies walking away.  She looks so big and grown up.  Plus I adore those two little ponytails!

Okay, I know that Erica is going to kill me when she sees this photo but I laughed until I cried at the expression on Megan's face.  If you click on the picture and see Megan up close it is so funny.  Piper's face is funny too.  Sometimes photos are priceless.  Also, we all dressed like complete rednecks for the strawberry patch.  Except Piper looked cute!

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Tracy said...

where are you in your redneck outfit...