my babies

my babies

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Olympic Future??

Piper loves "fwimming" but she is obsessed with diving.  Every time she gets in her baby pool she looks at you and say, "Dive??"  I have no clue where she picked this up at all and neither do her mommy and daddy. Could there be a future Olympic diver coming up??  Who knows?

First off, look at her form..  Arms high, Palms facing each other, Expression is focused.

And she launches...I vote for a perfect 10.

At the next days practice.  Form is not as tight but she is only 21 months old.  There is a little time to tighten up the performance people!!

Look at that landing.  There is NO splash.  Once again a perfect 10!  Amazing.

You think I am amazing, Mimi???  Of course I do sugar.  You are just amazing to me no matter what you do.

Preparing for her final dive.  Silence everyone....

Well, mommy, what do you think?

I think you are wonderful Piper.  The best diver ever!

Yay!!  Now it's time for ice cream sandwiches.  They beat gold medals every time!!!

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