my babies

my babies

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Sprinkle

This past Sunday afternoon Erica's sweet friend April and Megan gave Erica a "Sprinkle" for the new baby.  Instead of a big baby shower this was just a small one to bless the mommy to be with a few necessities for this new little life coming very soon.   I think this is the cutest idea and the sweetest little name for a party.

Here is a photo of April, Erica and Megan before the Sprinkle.

They made all kinds of yummy treats to eat.  April made cupcakes into an owl formation because Erica is using owls in the baby's room.  Se the little owls hanging on the centerpiece?

Erica got some really neat things and so many people came.  It was a lot of fun!  This is her childhood dearest friend Beth talking with Piper over something I am sure is of the utmost importance!

The sweet Mommy with her squiggly toddler who just wanted down!

This is the crib all set up.  I love the bedding!  The back of the bumpers is a pattern of owls that are pink and green.  I should have taken a shot of them from that angle.  I will next time....with a sweet little baby girl lying there!

I love showers or sprinkles.  They are just fun to go to and fun to give.  If I could do showers and such for a living I would in a minute!!

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Anonymous said...

Love that bedding! Glad she is doing well. Miss seeing you!