my babies

my babies

Friday, March 16, 2012

Summer Came Early

Winter seems to be gone!!  Double-Yay!!  Even though it wasn't really super cold and we had only one light dusting of snow I am really glad to see warm weather show up.  I adore summer.  It is never too hot for me and I stay outside as much as possible.  This week it got to about 81 degrees and it was just so nice.  I finally put sand in Piper's sandbox and when I showed it to her she was thrilled.  She had been digging around in my mulch beds and I felt so bad I made her wait so long.  She is a real outdoorsy little girl and that makes me one happy Mimi.  These are some of the best photos I have gotten of her in a very long time.  Over the last few months I have taken great shots of the top and back of her head!!  These are a nice turn around!!

Is this really for me, Mimi???

Oh boy!!  I can throw it all in the yard!!!

Wow, I can throw even more when I use a shovel!!

This is what she has done so far.  Just sling it all over the yard.  I could care less.  She was just having a great time.  That is one of the many, many blessings about being a grandmother.  I don't sweat the small stuff.  If she wants to shovel all her sand in the grass I will just zip to Lowes and get some more sand.  Watching and playing with her is so fun and I know how quickly it will fly by.  Next summer I will have two little girls to play in the sandbox with!!  I can't wait.

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