my babies

my babies

Friday, March 23, 2012

Growing Up and Out

This go around Erica has had a pretty rough pregnancy.  She has been really sick and is still throwing up occasionally.  She has been plagued with colds and sinus problems.  Every time I reach for my camera to snap a quick picture this is the look I get.

Sweet huh???

When she turned her head I took a quick photo.  She is really starting to blossom.  This baby girl is now the size of an acorn squash.  All I know is that she is growing and thriving each day.  I can't wait to meet her!

I finally got a good picture of Erica and Blake.  They are so cute.  They really do compliment each other.  She is quiet, serious and just so sweet.  He is loud, funny and just as sweet!  You can't help but giggle when you are around them.  I think they make wonderful parents.  Both of them are growing in the Lord and striving to make their family strong and secure.   It is great to watch this young couple grow up with their babies and to grow in such wonderful, positive ways.

I know this little one appreciates that!  She is crazy about her mommy and daddy!  Even her shirt says so!!

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Tracy said...

she looks like her mimi everyday...necklace matching and all...