my babies

my babies

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Land Of The Living....

I am so, so glad to be back in the land of the living!!!  I have been sick for about 5 days with the "Noro-Virus" or as it is known "The Cruise-Ship Virus".  Only I have never been on a cruise.  But I felt like I had been drug around by a big ole boat.  To say that you would have to be dead to feel better is a huge understatement.  Thank the Lord my daughter's boyfriends' Mom is a nurse in a local family practitioners office and she does awesome housecalls.  It pays sometimes to have any kind of connection.  She gave me some medicine called "zorflan" (?).  When I called into work the second day I told my boss that I was taking norplant.  I later found out that is a kind of birth control.  That is a medicine that I do not need since I am unmarried and OLD!!  Anyway, the medicine did help the nausea but the virus had to run its course.  It was highly contagious and I was advised not to prep any food for at least 5 days.  My sweet girl, Megan, is to put it lightly a complete germ freak.  this is odd considering she lives like a pig but she says those are her germs and she likes them spread out.  She cloroxed my house twice a day all over.  I was so impressed the last day I was home that I took her picture.  I don't get the chance to see her clean so well often so I wanted some proof that she could!!!

Here she is cleaning the door from the garage.  Just in case I touched the top of the door!

She even cleaned the outside of the garbage can!  I was really proud of her though.  She really doesn't like to be around sickness at all and she was a real help to me and a real trooper too!!

I finally got to see this bright spot after 5 days of not!!  She is just the ray of sunshine I needed to make me feel so good!  Nothing hits the spot like an ice cream sandwich!!


Tracy said...

I hear Nora really kicks your butt...Glad you are better....

Erica said...!?!?!