my babies

my babies

Monday, January 16, 2012

Touching Lives

In the Sunday School class, that I am priviledged to teach each week, we started a new book.  I am working through Angie Smith's "What Women Fear".  I loved this book and I think that my ladies will too.  Yesterday we went over chapter one.  It deals with the fear of What If...  What if God doesn't hear me... What if God doesn't care???  The list is endless.  One of my sweet girls is plagued with worry.  She looked at me yesterday with tears in her eyes and said this is an awesome book.  Already, after just one week, her life has been touched.  The Biblical character associated with this week was Hagar.  I love her and cannot wait to meet her in heaven someday.  Her paralyzing fear embraced her like iron.  She lay folded up in grief watching her son die from a distance.  When God opened her eyes to see the well that had been there all along.  How my own heart resonated with Hagar.  How many times in my life have I been paralyzed with fear (or anger, or despair fill in the blank)  that I have not seen the well God has right in front of my eyes?  I am just so glad my ladies responded to doing a more book like discussion instead of a typical Sunda School lesson.  The lives that are and will be touched over the next few weeks will be amazing and so freeing.  That is my prayer.

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Missy said...

I'm so thankful for women who teach others. I know your sharing will benefit the lives of others! Have a good weekend and a great Sunday!