my babies

my babies

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reason # 872

There are many reasons why I totally hate Walmart.  Sorry, to those who love the store and a bigger question...WHY???  Saturday night I ate dinner at my daughter's house.  I left at 7 p.m. and told my girls that I had to stop at Walmart for a few things and then I would be going on home.  I just needed a few grocery items and some Advil.  When I pulled in it was surprisingly empty.  Shocker!!  Saturday night at 7:00...where was everyone??  I tooled around the store and picked up about 25 things.  No crowds, no screaming children, no children running around unsupervised terrorizing patrons, no stock being put up...weird???  I went to a check out lane and there 3...THREE mind you...that were empty.  A-MA-ZING to say the least.  I was getting excited.  To back up the story a few aisles, I bought three 2 litre drinks.  This is something I never do because   A.)  We don't drink soft drinks.   B.)  They always go flat.  C.)  They take up to much room in the fridge.  But I did buy 3 because I was having my kids over for Sunday lunch and I was too lazy to make a new gallon of tea.  Now, back to the check out line.  The young man (he was really sweet, too) that rang me up was talking away to me.  How was your day ma'am?  Is it still raining Ma'am?   On and on and on...  When he reached for the Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, which I was going to partake of, and he knocked it over.  To the floor.  Where it proceeded to explode and also implode.  It sounded like a bomb went off on aisle 13.  (Yes, 13) The entire bottle completely shattered.  Little pieces of plastic were everywhere. I just stood there with my debit card ready to swipe...dripping with sticky, red Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.  My mouth hung wide open.  Of course it was a total accident and the checkout boy was horrified and kept saying how sorry he was.  They had to shut down 3 lanes to clean this huge mess up.  The reason I dislike Walmart so strongly is this... The customers behind me went nuts.  She started screaming, "Oh my Gosh!  Looky y'all it's Cheerwine!  It's Cheerwine!"   Like she just had a celebrity sighting in Winston-Salem, NC.  Only she pronounced it "Chair-whine".  For some (stupid) reason I felt the pressing need to tell this woman that, "No ma'am, it isn't Cheerwine but Dr. Pepper."  I forgot to say diet and cherry but I was a little beside myself.  She corrected me by saying, "Nuh-uh, it ain't.  It's red and that means Chair-whine."  To make a long and soggy story short (ha-ha) I did not get offered to get another Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper by Walmart, nor did they offer me a towel, nor did they help me in any way whatsoever.  I even had to ask for a papertowel to sop out my shoes!!!  And this people, is reason #872 of why I hate Walmart.


Melanie said...

Chair-wine??? My gosh how redneck can we get?!?!

Tracy said...

That is why I go at 6 am there is no one around.....