my babies

my babies

Friday, January 13, 2012


This go around I have not taken a weekly picture of Erica.  Mostly because she is super-duper reluctant.  And also she has been really sick this time and just hasn't felt good at all.  I am thinking that is finally passing.  She has really blossomed in the last week and a half.  She is officially 20 weeks so she is half way there!!  Their little girl is now a cantaloupe.  I love cantaloupes.  I wish I had a really good and ripe one right now.  It won't be long before this little chickie makes her appearance.  We are all very excited and can't wait to meet her.  I know her mommy and daddy are excited.  When you ask Piper if she wants a baby sister she says, "No??"  Even though she doesn't have a clue her mommy is having another baby I think she will be thrilled with a baby.  She loves dolls and really likes to be around other little children.  Keep praying for Erica...that the rest of her pregnancy goes well and that God puts things in place for her and her family with all the changes coming.

                                                            Erica and her little "cantaloupe"!

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