my babies

my babies

Monday, January 9, 2012

A couple of things....

The last few days have been such a blur.  Let me update you on a few things.  I changed up my blog site and got all the Christmas music off.  I finally got all my Christmas decorations down but I am still working on putting things back out around my home.  I did my first weigh-in this morning and I was down 2.5 pounds!!  Woo-Hoo!!  School is back in session and off to a thrilling new year start.  Not.  I know jobs are hard to come by and I am grateful that I have a job but if I am totally, totally honest.  I really do not like my job anymore.  I really don't.  But until something better or an idea that pops in my head that would actually work as a self-owned business.  I am sorta stuck.  I have to have benefits and being a single woman I am relying on just old me to hold down this fort. 

So much is going on around me though.  Yesterday our Assistant Pastor and his wife had their 50th anniversary party at church and I took some photos for them.  It was so sweet.  I got to talk to a dear friend that came by and realized how much I had missed talking to her.  She is helping out a friend of hers that is dying with cancer right now unless God intervenes (and He could) and I could just tell that it is breaking her heart.  You know the look in someones eyes when there is a sadness that is just way down deep.  I got to talk to a couple of young and beautiful girls.  One is engaged and is so excited about her upcoming wedding.  The other beauty is hoping for a ring soon.  She has waited a while for one from this young man and it is time.  Some young men are just gun-shy I suppose but I think there is no time like the present and this young lady is ready, ready, READY!  Hopefully it won't be too long until she is official!
We had a special speaker at church.  He is a born again Jewish man and he was fascinating to listen about what it is like to be Jewish and accept Christ.  Amazing stuff. 

Tomorrow is my sisters' birthday.  We will be the same age for the next six weeks.  My mama and daddy didn't waste any time with having babies!!  I am cooking dinner tonight for my girls.  Blake is on third shift this week so I get to spend a little more time with all three of my girls.  I like that.  I like that...alot.


Tracy said...

Love you......

Missy said...

Cindy - I completely 'get' the job thing. I'm an executive assistant or glorified secretary which isn't my dream. But I try to be grateful for the chance to earn income and benefits while living life for the other stuff.

I really wish we could enjoy tea or coffee or and ice cold Coke together. Wouldn't that be fun!