my babies

my babies

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Come To The Well

This morning Megan's boyfriend, Thad, was singing his first solo at their church.  He was a little nervous to say the least.  At my church on Friday night we had a movie night with a showing of "Courageous".  which if you have not seen it..go now and buy it, rent it, borrow is an amazing movie that left me challenged as a parent and grandparent to step up my walk with God.  Plus, I cried my eyes out!!!  So good.  But anyway, I told Thad that I was coming Sunday morning to hear him sing.  I skipped teaching my Sunday School lesson for a greater thing I think.  I went to support Megan's boyfriend but I was blessed beyond measure.  No, Thad won't win American Idol or get a recording contract but what he did do was place a smile on the face of God.  As he was singing his heart out and playing his guitar I watched person and after person go forward.  They came to the well you might say.  I videoed with my phone so that a few others could hear him from my own church.  People that truly love this boy.  Thad has come a long way in his walk with God and I am so proud of him.  When I got to my ladies this morning in my Sunday School room I told them all about him singing and what a great job he did.  I am so glad I went.  God uses all His children in a multitude of ways.  Through songs, written words, acts of kindness, all kinds of methods.  I watched God use a young man today minister to a congregation of people that just needed a drink from the well that never goes dry.


Melanie said...

Aww that was so good. I teared up a little bit. So many people went up front.

Kelley said...

He did awesome. What a blessing for Thad to see God at work during his sing. God is good all the time!