my babies

my babies

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

This is a very busy time of the year for me and for everyone that I know.  So much going on all the time!  I need an extra day in the week this time of the year. We had our little toddler Christmas program at church on Sunday.  Piper really isn't old enough but her great-grandmother happens to teach the toddler choir at church so she got her out of the nursery so she could start practicing Christmas songs with the 2 year olds.  Sometimes it pays to have connections!!  The program was so sweet.  They sang their little heads off and all of them rang their little bells.  Such precious little faces.  A couple of other updates.  Erica is officially 15 weeks.  Her little baby is now the size of a naval orange.  She is starting to feel a little better and is starting to blossom more each day.  This skirt is really stretchy and long.  Her sister, Megan, calls it Erica's Pentecostal Skirt.  No offense to the Pentecostals out there.

Here are Megan and Thad.  They are such a sweet and funny couple.  they are like having two 8 year olds...all the time.

Blake, Erica and Piper.  A sweet little family that is growing!!!

I love this dress I got for Piper when she was just 2 weeks old!!  The smocked Nativity scene is very hard to get.  They sell out so fast.  No matter what the media says, people still want to display the true meaning of Christmas.  Even on their baby clothes!!

My little Piper ringing her bell and singing,"Ding-Dong"

She is just such a blessing to me.  I love her more and more every day.  She has brought such joy to my life.

Here she is really singing and ringing.

Everyone at church was just overjoyed with all the little ones.  They grow up so fast.  I wish they stayed little for a longer time.  It seems like yesterday when my own two girls were singing and ringing their bells for the Christmas program.

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