my babies

my babies

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sitting with Santa

Wednesday night we took Piper to see Santa.  One of our local churches that my youngest daughter and her boyfriend attend had a "Breakfast with Santa" night.  Blake and Erica thought Piper might do better at a small more confined place than waiting 12 years in line at the mall.  So smart.  Piper was first in line with no one behind her.  So if she cried or was really reluctant they could coax her for a few minutes without feeling bad about making others wait.  But sweet Pipey just sat on his lap like a big girl.  She didn't smile but she didn't cry either. 

Uh, Santa...I would like a fur coat.  This little girl here has fur on her dress and I love to touch it and smell it and rub it.  Can I have one???

Well, little Piper, I will think on that one.  But I bet you would love a baby with a stroller.  How about that??

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