my babies

my babies

Friday, December 2, 2011

Helping Mimi

Erica is officially 14 weeks along and she is finally feeling better.  Poor girl has just been so sick this time.  She is still throwing up some but it is less frequent.  Here is a quick photo of her with her little monkey climbing her legs.

Right now her little baby is the size of a lemon.  It is amazing to think about that new little girl or boy growing by the minute.  As I was putting up my tree and arranging stuff on it, Piper toddled over and started touching things on the branches.  She is so sweet and so gentle.  We just tell her, "That's pretty...just look."  So far she hasn't jerked one thing off!

See, Mimi..I just helpin'

Yes, that is a tube of toothpaste she is holding.  She likes to look at Winnie the Pooh on the tube!

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Tracy said...

I love that face.....