my babies

my babies

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Much Ado About....Nothing

I was always an organized person....or so I thought.  But in my more "adult" phase of my life I am suddenly so A.D.D. that I can't even tie my shoes.  So therefore I wear slip-ons.  I am fervently trying to clean my house for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  But here I sit typing away.  I am writing this because I haven't been on here in forever.  Or a week and a half.  Dramatic is a major gene factor in my family.  I really have been super busy.  We had our annual Hospitality Banquet at church.  I am on that committee and it takes up a good chunk of my time in November.  But I truly love that ministry and am so grateful to God for the opportunity to be with women and to offer them hope through Jesus.  What a blessing.  My little grandbaby is napping right now so I do have a few minutes to spare before I tackle my bathrooms and my bedroom.  The kitchen...eeewwww!!  I will save that for later.  Some random things going on in my world:

1.  Bing Crosby is singing "White Christmas" on my radio...
2.  It is 71 degrees outside white Thanksgiving for sure
3.  I am making an apple-carrot basted turkey this year...
4.  We have a new Walmart Express in our community
5.  I went was quite enough
6.  No school for 5 whole days!!!
7.  I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday.
8.  I have wasted enough time.  I need to get started cleaning

More exciting things to come...I promise. 

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Missy said...

I loved seeing your Thanksgiving photos and enjoyed the quick catch-up. It's back to school and reality today but I hope you're having a great week!