my babies

my babies

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Harvest Fair

Our church had their annual Harvest Fair Wednesday night.  It was so much fun!!  this is a huge community outreach that we have every year and it is one of our biggest crowds.  We advertise all over the community and we love having this for families.  I see so many of the kids that go to my school and they all have a blast.  There are hayrides, face painting, cake walks, cotton candy, hotdogs, games, photo booths and all sorts of super fun stuff.  there is the yearly chili cookoff and dessert bakeoff.  I have entered these every year and have even one each of them a time or two.  This year I was a double loser.  I didn't even place!!  All the judges said mine was really good though.  My chili was smokin' hot and I didn't even taste it because just the steam made my eyes burn.  At the end of the night it was all gone though!!  Each year this event gets bigger and the outreach is amazing.  We draw so many families into church through this event.  It is a great non-threatening way to show the love of Jesus to a family.  I love this kind of stuff.  Here are a few photos of my sweet family!

Megan and Thad eating chili.  They both really like mine!!  They are the cutest, funniest couple!

This year my dear friend Kelley's husband Billy demonstrated his pottery wheel ministry.  During his display he shows us how God, the Master Potter, can take a lump of clay and turn it into something useful and beautiful.  He shows that even when we mess up our life of clay God can transform it into something wonderful.  My son-in-law, Blake, took a turn at the wheel and did a fabulous job making a bowl.

Sweet Pipey!!

Blake and Erica goofing off!  Poor Erica was a little green.  This time around she isn't feeling so great with this little one growing inside!!

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