my babies

my babies

Monday, September 26, 2011

What A Wetting Day!!!

My sweet niece, Brittany, got married this past weekend at a beautiful outdoor venue called Deerpond Plantation in Charlotte, NC.  To say that when I got down there on Friday that it was raining was an enormous understatement.  It rained 5 1/2 inches on Friday morning alone!!!  I directed and decorated for her wedding.  She had asked me months ago if I would make her table centerpieces for the reception like I did for my own daughter Erica's wedding.  I love that kind of thing so I happily agreed.  Brittany is a very funny girl.  She likes very few traditional wedding things so I had to do some quick thinking and planning to please her and Aaron.  I took a ton of pictures and I have posted quite a few.  Take a look....

This was a slack time of the rain on Friday morning....

I made a mad dash across the patio section around the pond.  Every step caused a wave of muddy water to gush over my shoes.  I ended up going barefoot the whole day!

This was the inside of the reception tent.  It was dark and so damp.  You can't tell but the water was over my feet where I was standing.  I was almost in tears from the stress!!  I was so glad I was by myself!

This was a few hours later.  I had dried my tears and got to work.  I was starting to make a little headway.

Yeah!!!  the sun finally came out on Saturday morning!!  Little did I know this was the calm before the storm...literally.

It rained on Saturday from about noon until 4:56 p.m.  the wedding was slated to start at 5:00...we were only 20 minutes behind schedule.  Here come all the handsome guys looking snappy in pink.

Here is my sweet daddy giving his last girl away.

The groom kissing his lovely bride.  They each wrote their own vows and they were so tender and sweet.  then they each placed sealed letters in a mahogany chest that said what they loved, admired  and wished for each other and for their life together.  They vowed to open this on their 50th wedding anniversary and to never throw the key away..nor each other.  One of the most precious things I have ever seen.

They came down the aisle to their guests blowing bubbles and to the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".  I even caught a bubble in the center of the frame!!

Piper was the cutest "Flower Fairy" I have ever seen.  She did such a good job too!!!  Her mommy was so proud.

Even fairies need to sit down and rest their wings.

My sweet crew...  I love these guys to pieces.  Megan's face cracks me up!  Behind them was a candy bar for the guests to make a bag of candy to take with them.  All pink of course!  Those are some of their engagement pictures hanging from the pink and coral pom-poms I made.

The newlyweds first dance.  Brittany was such a happy bride!

For the father/daughter dance Brittany wrote a song for my daddy and went to a studio to record it herself.  Now first of all...she is not the greatest singer.  But it was hands down the most precious thing I have heard or seen.  The name of the song was "Isn't She Lucky".  My mom and dad raised Brittany and the song was all about her memories of my parents and growing up with them.  The words made everyone just weep!  My daddy cried so hard!  It is truly a moment I will never forget. 

I am so privileged to have such loving young women in my life.  I have to say that God has blessed me with some wonderful daughters and nieces.

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