my babies

my babies

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Out of Sorts

I have been so out of sorts lately.  The school where i work had a huge fire and our cafeteria kitchen was a total loss.  The damage was so bad that the insurance company ruled it condemned.  So, we have been feeding children a makeshift breakfast and lunch in the gym.  We have set up tables for them to eat and for them to be served off.  I start my day at 6:30 a.m. at my school.  I prepare breakfast, serve it, key each student in, take in money, ready the morning deposit and set up for lunch service.  then I head over to another school 6 miles away to help my coworkers prepare lunch.  We load it in a maintenance van and truck it back to our school.  Serve, clean up and then one of us heads back to wash what we have used and I then go to the bank to make the deposits.  Very hectic day.  Many more like them to come.  It is going to take months for all this to be fixed.

The other thing on my plate is my niece's wedding.  It is this Saturday and I am getting nervous.  The wedding is 45 minutes away and I am taking a literal car load of centerpieces, flowers, candles and all the stuff it takes to put on a pretty wedding and a dinner reception.  It is really going to be pretty.  Her colors are bright pink and orange.  I have incorporated some greens and ivory into many of the arrangements.  When I get all the tables set up I will post some pictures.  Right now Brittany wants to keep everything a surprise for the most part.  She is getting nervous too.  I think most brides get that way.  It is such an exciting time.  I went to the sweetest wedding this past weekend.  This bride, Jennifer, was so excited.  She looked like a dream.  There is just something about a sweet, young bride.  So many expectations.  Her joy just bubbles over.  I remember when Erica got married and how happy she was.  She just glowed.  I am sure Brittany will be just as happy and glowy too!  I haven't seen one yet that didn't.  When this wedding is over I hope to get my house back in order and to get all the fall events i love on the table and planned.  Thanksgiving is coming and I am hosting a couple of Bible study dinners, class parties and my small ladies group is coming over too.  Christmas will be here before we know it!!!  Maybe by then I will be less frazzled and not so out of sorts!

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