my babies

my babies

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Tough Day

My little Piper had a check-up this week for her one year birthday.  She got four shots!  Four!!  Two in each leg. And a finger stick!  Plus they looked in her ears, measured her and poked her all over.  When her mommy gave her to me she was drinking her last bottle....ever.  Erica put her on whole milk in a sippy cup.  No more bottles either??  Waaah!!!  She has always had all her juices in a sippy cup so at least that wasn't new.  Life is just hard...even for a one year old!  When we got back to my house we had a snack and then a nap.  She slept a long time too.  Poor baby.  When she woke up I made her one of her favorite lunches.  Spaghetti.  She ate it up but no matter what I couldn't get a smile out of my little punkin'.

I just want to eat, Mimi. 

I am not in the smiling mood today Mimi.  My legs hurt.

This was a tough day in this baby's world.

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