my babies

my babies

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I had two bridal showers to go to this weekend.  I went to one today for a dear friends' daughter.  I have known Jennifer most of her life and she is just a precious young lady.  She is going to be a lovely bride and I can't wait until her wedding on September 17th!  The very next weekend my sweet niece Brittany is getting married.  I can't believe she is getting married!!  It seems like yesterday she was born on a stormy Thanksgiving day.  Time has just gone by so fast.  Brittany is going to have a beautiful wedding and I am privileged to help with the preparations.  She is having an outdoor wedding in Charlotte.  This weekend was the first of two showers she is having.  This one was a couple shower that was a great big bbq with lots of family and friends.  Next weekend we are having a more traditional shower at church for the bride.  We southern women just love a shower!  At least I do!  I love to throw them and I love to attend them.  Young brides are so excited and thrilled with all the gifts and attention.  When I was giving my daughter, Erica, her showers she was just so excited.  It was such a pleasure for em to watch her enthusiasm.  Brittany is like my own child so i am just as excited for her.  It makes me want to start helping Megan plan her wedding and showers!!  Each of my girls are so different and I am sure Megan's will be so fun in a much different way.  Where Erica is more formal and Brittany is very contemporary, my Megan is casual and laid back about these type events.  I am not sure what she has thought about in any detail but I am sure she will go with a simple elegance...just like her.  Here are a few pictures from Brittany and Aarons' shower.

Opening the first of many gifts the couple received from their guests.

An overhead shot of some of the family and friends.

Piper, getting a necklace from "Aunt Brittany"  A girl always needs accessories!!

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