my babies

my babies

Saturday, August 6, 2011

One Year Old!!!

For the first week of August this year we went to the beach for our vacation.  I will post more about our trip and photos later.  Piper celebrated her first birthday while we were there.  She will be having her "real" birthday party later in the month when all her grandparents, family and "friends" can come.  So, for the first time she had her picture made with her Frog Prince in a different place.  We used a big chair in the condo we stayed in while we vacationed.  She loved, loved, LOVED the beach.  I knew she would since she likes the outdoors, water and dirt so much.  Funny girl.  Here are a few stats about Miss Piper.  She now has six teeth.  Two more popped through at the beach.  You weigh 22.8 pounds and are 30 inches tall.  You can say several words.  Your vocal skills are amazing.  You can say mama, daddy, paw-paw-, maw-maw, cookie, thank you, Megan and sweetest of all...I love you.  this comes out, "I la you."  Just precious.  You love to eat everything. You are such a good eater.  Some of your favorites are yogurt, grits, blueberries, watermelon, crackers and puffs.  You can really eat almost any table food and so far there has not been one thing you turn your nose up to...even sauerkraut!  You still take two naps a day and sleep great at night.  You are still not walking but you crawl like a little maniac.  At the beach you did take two steps but dropped down and took off flying on your hands and knees.  I never thought I could love anything as much as I love you.  The blessing you are on my life is so pure.  Just an absolute joy and treasure!  Whenever you get a little brother or sister I am sure my love will just double over for both my grandchildren.  Hopefully that won't be too far in the future???!!!  Just know, sweet baby, that each day of your life your Mimi is praying for you.  that God will bless you and take care of you.  that He is already preparing the heart of the young man who will one day take you as his bride.  That God will guard your steps every day and that above all, you come to know His son, Jesus, early in your life and serve Him with your whole heart.  I love you, little Piper.  So much!

Is today my birthday???

It is!!  I am finally one year old Froggie!!

I need to give somebody a big hug!!!

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Melanie said...

aww YAY Happy Birthday Piper. I remember when everyone found out about you and the day you were born. What a great baby!!