my babies

my babies

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer vacation at last

Last week I spent a glorious week at the beach with my oldest daughter, her husband and their baby girl.  My youngest daughter got a real job and could not go.  I was so, so sad to leave her behind.  She is a very fun girl to take just about anywhere and she was really missed by all of us.  We stayed in a very nice condo owned by a dear friend of mine.  I love the beach for vacation above all other places.  There is just something about the ocean that brings about a calm in my soul like nothing else.  When I look out into the ocean I really wonder who in their right mind could ever question the magnitude of God.  I mean, seriously??  The waves stop right at the shore as if on command.  They come one after the other so politely.  Who but God could fashion that?    We did a big amount of laying around and people watching.  People are funny to watch.  I really don't think some people own mirrors at all.  Sounds mean...but hey, it is the truth.  The get-ups some people put on to go out in public are amazing.  We got up early each day because a certain little someone thought 6:30 was a fine time to get up for the day.  I would to if I went to bed by 8:00 every night too, though.  We ate too much, played cards too late and just had a really fine time.  Piper's other grandparents came down to see her for her birthday and were thrilled with how much she has grown in the few weeks since they saw her last.  I took about 635 pictures but I will only bore you to death with a few. 

Piper was already tired of the camera before we even started.  Her mommy and daddy have the "pose" down perfect!

                                                  Piper and me playing in the sand!

                                Blake was on sand removal duty on this day.  Poor baby averaged 4 baths a day!!

Piper loved the water.  She pitched a fit when you took her out.

                         This ice cream cone was a little big for Miss Piper!

Piper and her mommy strolling along the shoreline.

                          Wait!!  I am not ready to go in yet. I come!!!

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