my babies

my babies

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guardian Angel

The other night my friend Kelley and I went to see a movie.  Cowboys and Aliens.  Really good movie but you had to really follow it to keep the story straight.  Harrison Ford...I am mad at you.  Wash your mouth out and we'll talk again.  Anyway, I digress.... on the way home we were discussing lots of stuff but our conversation veered to angels.  What they are, their roles in heaven, on earth and the like.  I have always believed that God can send legions of angels to protect and fight for His children.  I am fully aware of the unseen spiritual realm that is all over this world and the constant battle that wages between angels and demons.  It must be intense at times.  The book of Daniel even speaks of this with the angel, Michael.  I just have always wondered if we each have our very own??  You know, Guardian Angel.  If so, does he wear a badge that says:  "My name is Louie and I am the Guardian Angel for Cindy".?  I have just always wondered if ... they are really, really out there and really, really watching and protecting.  Well, the answer is a resounding YES!!!!  This morning I put Piper in her stroller for us to go on our morning stroll to the pond and all about the yard.  We call it, "Offroading with Mimi."  Anyway Piper's mommy put pants on her today.  First time all summer.  I didn't say anything because the outfit was so cute and I figured I would take them off later anyway and just let her lounge around in the matching onesie.  So we stroll down to the pond and we watch a blue heron who is finally not so freaked out by us that it actually stays in the pond and walks around for us to watch him fish.  Piper was not impressed but I was.  I am such a nerd.  On the way back up the driveway from the pond I stopped to sweep a spider web out of the way when Ouch!  Holy Cow!!  Something bit the dickens out of my ankle.  Ouch, ouch ,OUCH!!!  Yellow Jackets.  I had stepped on a nest and were they ever mad.  I slapped at them and then I just took off running.  Thank the Lord I had buckled Piper in the stroller or I would have flung her right out.  I have never ran so fast in my life.  Never.  When I got to my drive way I went to jerk the baby out of the stroller and her little legs had bees all over them.  I knocked them off and ran into the house.  Thank you God for Erica putting pants on that little sweetie or she would have been stung a dozen times.  Thank you  Jesus.  Piper did not have one sting.  Not one.  I on the other hand had 18.  I got three more in the house because a couple of the little demons were up my shirt and one in my underwear.  I hope they like yellow jacket hell because that is where I sent  I haven't been stung in 15 - 20 years by a bee.  I kept thinking, "Am I allergic???"  I guess not because I didn't quit breathing and I am not dead.  I am just so thankful that our guardian angels were protecting the two of us.  It could have been so bad.  I think I will forgo the offroading to the pond until it is cold outside. Thanks Louie!!

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Melanie said...

I must say, you have a way with words. My favorite part of this post was yellow jacket hell!! I'm glad that you and piper are ok. I believe in angels. I think my mom is my guardian angel. I talk to her a lot and feel her presence. She said the same about her mom (who happen to pass away at an early age as well). Hope the stings get better!!