my babies

my babies

Monday, August 22, 2011


This past weekend we celebrated Piper's first birthday.  Her actual birthday is August 4th but this was the first Saturday her daddy had off from work so we had it on the 20th.  She didn't care!  We had lots of friends and family to come over and help us celebrate this little lady's special day.  She was so good!!!  She just smiled and laughed for everyone and hugged all her presents.  She is just the cutest thing.  At first she didn't really like her cake.  Erica and Blake do not really giver her sweet things and I do giver her ice cream which she loves!!  So this is an unfamiliar taste to her.  Once she got into it she really liked it though.  After the party this was one tired and sleepy little princess.  She took a late nap and then we headed over to my mamas' house to celebrate my daddy's 70th birthday.  We had such a good time.  It was a busy, busy day but so worth all the trouble.

What is this thing????

                                           I'm not sure...this taste a little different

                                      I think I like it!!

                               I really liked it but I think I am a little full.  I missed my mouth a couple of times!!

                                   Wow!!  For me?  My own vacuum! (bring that to Mimi's to use!!)

                                      I really just like to play with grass.  Here, I picked this blade for you!!

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