my babies

my babies

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In the last week or so we have had several rain showers. Some light, barely wetting the driveway and a couple that were torrential. Rain that flooded and washed away all kinds of stuff. This morning as I went ouside to get the paper I saw it had rained a little last night. It reminded me of the line in a song that goes, "His grace falls like rain." God's grace does fall like rain. I was talking with a good friend this past weekend about several situations or crisis, really that are going on in so many families we know and love. And how with almost each one we both thought, "I couldn't stand that!" Then it came to me like a fresh breeze... Oh, yes child, you could. With the grace of God we can stand "it". Crisis, disasters and just life come at us like showers, downpours and hurricanes at all facets of our lives. Sometime we even feel like we are actually drowning. I know I have. But the grace of God goes before us and covers us as needed. It is always just enough. Sometimes we need a small umbrella, sometimes we need galoshes to go with the umbrella. Then there are the times when we need a full out rainsuit. Then there are those times in our lives that the storm is pouring down, the thunder booming, the lightining flashing and we just lift our tear/rain streaked faces up towards the heavens and....suddenly there it is. A rainbow. God's grace...falls like rain. When calamity strikes my life or yours just know that God sees it, allows it and gives grace in abundance to deal with it. I think He desires that we not only learn from the storms but gather His wisdom that He sows in the grace to help others through storms too. I know that in dealing with the pressures and storms that have come my way in the past few years I know that I am stronger and hopefully wiser to help someone else going through a similar storm. One kind of storm I left out is one that has stricken me as of late. A dust storm. Drought. I have been feeling especially dry lately. I have been in need of reviving my dry bones. Not a new word from God. His word is the same...yesterday, today and tomorrow. But a refreshed word. One that will saturate my parched spirit. Yet, His grace will get me through this dryness too. No matter the "storm", His grace is enough.

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Tracy said...

I think after great learning times there are times of slow learning. He knows our brains need rest and we think we are not learning enough because we are Type A personalities.