my babies

my babies

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eleven Months Old

Well, Piper you are officially eleven months old. I cannot believe it! time is just flying by too quick. Here are a few stats concerning you, Little Miss!

You weigh just at 22 pounds
You have four teeth. Two top and two bottom
You have mastered crawling and are now cruising along everything
You wave bye-bye so sweet and just stick your hand out with fingers spread for hello
You even say "hey" when you stick out your little hand
You can say mama, daddy, hey, uh-oh and doggie
You have the happiest disposition but can throw the occsional fit
You are very smart and understand much of what we say to you
You love dogs and stuffed animals
You take two good naps a day
You love to eat and are such a good eater
Your favorite place is outside and for that I am so glad!

Here are some pictures;

What's going on in here???

SSHHHH..Tyson! I am having a photo shoot for my eleventh month birthday!

Can you believe it Froggie? Another month has went by already!!

Hooray!! Next month I will be One Year Old!!!!

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mimito5 said...

Ahhh, Piper is precious! And all decked out in her red-white-blue outfit! They do grow up way too fast :)