my babies

my babies

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I expect any day now for Piper to just take off running. Just bypass the whole walking thing and just run. She is a busy, busy young lady. She can crawl like wild fire and she pulls up and cruises along everything like lightning. She is one fast baby! Or maybe I am just a slow, old granny!! I remember my own two little girls and watching this one has brought back so many memories of their babyness. Hands down my favorite time of my life was raising my babies. This is becoming my second favorite time. It is so precious to watch her explore and discover everything. How she lights up over flowers and dirt. Thank goodness she loves the outdoors and likes to play in the grass. I like outdoorsy babies. No little housemouses for me!!! This week has been very hot and humid so I have brought her in alot and what a fit she pitches to go back outside. So we have been spending a good deal of time in the big pool or in her baby pool. I am super glad she likes the water too. I am half fish I think because I could float in the pool all day, every day! There has been a ton of stuff going on around our small community this week. At my church we lost two precious people on the same day. One was an eighty something lady that I dearly loved. She was a real catbird! But so faithful and she loved coming to Bible study and kept up with her homework. Even the super hard ones that Kay Arthur and Beth Moore write. The other one was a sweet, young seventeen year old who had a double lung transplant that seemed to be going really great. The transplant lungs had a virus that just took over and destroyed these new lungs. Her parents are amazing though. They have the assurance that their baby is with Jesus and she is finally breathing deep, full breaths. Still, i have cried and cried over this tragic loss. Our poor youth group is just pitiful. They need lots of love and prayers at a time like this.

Here are a couple of pictures from this week.

My necklace is too long, Mimi!

Here, I picked a flower for you!

I am tired, hot and I need a nap!  Right now!!

I think I like just sitting around best.

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