my babies

my babies

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ten Months Old

Piper, you are 10 months old!! Wow!! You are growing so fast. You are crawling like a maniac. You love to explore from room to room. You wave bye-bye and hello. You clap your little hands whenever we say "yay!" You are pulling up, standing up and travelling around things a little. You are very coordinated. You pass things from hand to hand, open and close and turn things from end to end. Whenever someone tells you no you often give them a grumpy look and then give a low growl. It is so funny but you listen and stop whatever you aren't supposed to be doing. What a smart baby you are! You have three teeth and are having a hard time with your teething. Your sweet "Leita" gave you an amber teething necklace that really seems to work and is so pretty too. You are starting to eat more table foods and so far you like everything. You drink juice from a sippy cup and your really good at it too. I can't believe how much you have grown and how sweet you are. What a blessing you are to your mommy and daddy. I know I thank the Lord everyday for the blessing you are to me.

Sitting with my pretty mommy.

I am now way bigger than my Frog Prince.

Did you know that I am 10 whole months old, Froggie??

He is so funny! He just cracks me up!!!

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